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The Proprietor

Megan Smith hails from Ohio although she only recently moved back to the Motherland. She has been baking award-winning sweet treats for over a decade, while chasing a serious hobby of homemaking and a career in publishing. Megan founded CAKE&WHISKEY: the Sweet & Spirited World of Business in 2013 — which gave her the chance to not only travel the world championing women in business, but also eat copious amounts of cake and down a few (ahem) drams of whiskey along the way.

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St. Anne the Tart is devoting itself not only to stellar coffee and food, but to community. Artists, farmers, collaborators, humanitarians, and dreamers are our jam. If you’d like to be a part of what we’re doing or you think we should be a part of what you’re doing, drop us a line.

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St. Anne

Many years ago, St. Anne left the hill in search of adventure. She crossed the seas, trekked the mountains and walked the trails that led her to people and experiences she’d never forget. She ate, drank and was oh so happy.

Yet, eventually she began longing for home. And so, the adventurous St. Anne crossed the sea and brought back mementos and recipes from afar to share from her wooden-planked home on the hill.


If you appreciate the combined aromas of coffee brewing, dough rising, sugar caramelizing and loaves baking, then St. Anne the Tart is where you’re going to find yourself quite often.

Coffee and espresso, blue-ribbon scones, savory and sweet tarts, buttery biscuits, homemade jams and spreads and spiced granola will greet you each morning, while whole-grain salads, hearty sandwiches and downright comforting soups will keep you cozy in a chair into the afternoon.

Come early for the best selection (and for a coveted, piping-hot cinnamon roll).