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Currency: a medium of exchange for goods and services. In short, it's money.

We use currency to measure the value of things. These past few weeks have driven home, for so many of us, the reminder of what is valuable. Worthwhile. Lovely. Good. Pure. Lasting.

Love is a currency. I believe doing-good is as well. Fail at these and the heart of our city stops beating. We can't neglect them, exploit them, bury or contaminate them. Cultivation is key.

In the quiet moments of COVID-19 I have been shaping little hearts out of clay. It was a meditation of sorts. A way to simplify thoughts. Quiet the noise.

For weeks I’ve been shaping, drying, painting…wondering what to do with my growing collection. A dear friend spoke life over them one day – declaring them to be a perfect ‘currency’ for the bakery. My heart leaped with a resounding “Yes!” in my chest.

And so, these clay hearts are becoming a never-ending, $5 currency at St. Anne the Tart. We have set the rate – a significant price that will help us keep things moving along on the hill in these days.

Our hope would be that this ‘currency’ will be paid forward for years to come. Each time it is used on the hill, it works as a $5 bill. You’ll keep it and hopefully pass it onto someone else who uses it and passes it along again. Essentially, these are moving do-good tags throughout the community, in perpetuity. 

*Stipulations on Heart Currency:

Can only be used one time during a visit.

Cannot be used by more than 1 person in a group at a time